Dear BFF’s, Princesses and Superheros – Hackers are your biggest fans

We have all seen the Facebook quizzes that flood our timelines. Which Disney character are you? Who is your true BFF?  What is your inner spirit animal? What is Superhero personality? Who is your soulmate? Well as 1 of many CyberSec superheros, CyberGent101 wants to help you out with something. Your longing to be a Disney character, Superhero, to release your inner spirit animal or finding out who your BFF is, maybe putting your personal data at risk. The video below gives some insight into what can occur if your data is stolen actually handed over via Facebook quizzes.


(video credit

A friend of mine @MsSharlee  and I often times find ourselves shaking our heads at the growing number of quiz posts that we see on our timelines. We continually post (and re-post) about the potential dangers of  taking these quizzes. At some point we hope that our concern will make others aware of what they are releasing to the internet.

As stated in the video here are a few helpful reminders to stay out of the crosshairs of hackers:

  • Be cautious of apps, quizzes, etc that require you to sign in or redirect you to a site to enter your credentials. Personally if something requires me to login, I don’t participate.
  • Treat your email addresses like cash. Make sure you use a strong password as well.
  • Don’t always trust links from friends. Web address analysis services like allow you to check out links that you may receive from emails, texts, etc. URLquery also provides a screenshot of what the site looks like at that particular time with analysis on if the link is malicious or not.
  • If you must participate in a quiz to see who your soulmate is or how many kids you will have with what celebrity, take a quiz from a company that has a good reputation of protecting data.



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