CyberGent101 TechSplanation – 64 Bit Google Chrome

This is a first in a series called TechSplanations that will be geared to different security solutions for your computer use. Today’s featured software is the 64-bit version of Google Chrome. Chrome has grown pretty popular among users that browse the internet on a daily basis. Chrome is lightweight, speedy and easy on the eyes. I like the fact that the address bar doubles up as google search, it speeds up my research process.

Why get the 64-Bit version of Chrome?

  • For Speed: 64-bit processors are faster than their comparable 32-bit versions. Performance tests have been ran by Google in which they saw average of 25% improvement in performance, especially in visual elements.
  • Better Security: For example, the 64-bit version of Chrome utilizes Windows 8 features to help make it harder for hackers to target processes running on your computer. If they can’t find the processes needed to exploit, they can’t hack it.
  • Stability: Google reports that Chrome 64-bit crashes only half as much as the 32-bit Chrome. A fairly impressive stat since google chrome already has a very low crash rate.


64-bit Chrome is more secure than its 32-bit counterpart. For instance with the 64- bit version, Google Chrome is more effective at defending against vulnerabilities that rely on changing the memory layout of objects. One example is a more stable version of Adobe Flash. The flash in this case is 64-bit based as well. Google teamed up with Adobe to improve Flash’s protections against various types of attacks/ vulnerabilities. Another key security feature in the 64-bit version is that it can run alongside a technique called High Entropy ASLR. (aka the toughest game of match ever) This technique is used to prevent exploits by placing key data areas of a program into random parts of the computer’s memory so attackers can never know exactly where to find it. Stealthy and high tech exploit avoidance if you ask me.

Where can I download 64-bit Chrome?

You can visit the Chrome for Windows page to download it. You should see a page similar to the image below. Click on “Download Chrome” and install it like a typical download file.


Mac and Linux users, you’re covered too.With the Mac OS X, Chrome was converted to 64-bit with Chrome update 39 in 2014. In a recent report Linux  is supposed to convert to to the 64-bit version of Chrome sometime this month. If you still have the 32-bit version installed on your Linux machine, you can visit the Google Chrome download page and install the 64-bit version now. Again if you are looking for speed, stability and enhanced security, consider using the 64-bit version of Google Chrome for your operating system of choice.


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