About Cybergent_101

Hi my name is Doug. I get calls, texts, emails and Facebook messages all the time from friends and family that deal with computer issues, technology concerns and the frustration that comes with these devices. So I decided that since I can’t always be there physically to assist with the computer issues, I figured I would just make a blog that will provide helpful information that people can access when I am sleep, on vacation or playing Call of Duty. It’s probably best for me to explain my intentions for this blog here:

Cybergent_101 is:  Cyber = Career. This is what I love to do.  Gent = Character foundation. This is who I am.  101 =  Knowledge sharing at the foundation level . This is what I want this blog to provide.

Cybergent_101 is my effort to provide IT advice, knowledge and net-etiquette in a way everybody can understand. I am not claiming to be a technology / cyber security know-it-all, I just simply want to share knowledge and help others understand technology and the importance of protecting their online identities. Hopefully this blog will be informative and insightful.

just me

Doug Bryant Jr., C|HFI, C|EH, SSCP, Security +

10 years of IT experience. Closet Geek. Tech advisor to many. Husband to one. Father of two. Healthy career and life balance as seen here (gcypher) #blessed
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